Chaplaincy Services

Why call a chaplain?

People are affected in many ways when they are ill. One of those ways can be spiritually. Feelings of helplessness, loss of control, loss of connection to yourself and others are some of the ways we are affected when we are ill. Also, our loved ones often have similar feelings when illness strikes.

When do you call a chaplain?

  • When you feel scared about being in the hospital
  • When you feel lonely and isolated
  • When you feel discouraged and are in despair
  • When you are facing a difficult decision
  • When you are grappling with questions about life and death
  • When you are anxious and afraid
  • When your family is upset
  • When you are in conflict with others
  • When you are seeking solace through scripture and religious rituals
  • When you are faced with loss an change
  • When you need the comfort of prayer
  • When you are struggling with the meaning of life
  • When someone close you has died
  • When you feel discouraged
  • When you are asking God, "Why?"
  • When you want to receive sacraments
  • When it's time to celebrate!

What can a chaplain do?

A Chaplain can assist in helping you re-find what you feel you have lost.
A Chaplain can help you re-find your strength, whether that strength is from God or from another source. You do not have to grapple with these concerns alone.
A Chaplain is a positive resource for you and your family.

Chaplain services at C.A. Dean Memorial Hospital are provided by local clergy, and coordinated by a Chaplain Advisory Board. Chaplains of all faith backgrounds are available for patients, family, and staff at any hours of the day. Do not hesitate to contact a chaplain if you are in need of prayer, sacraments, or just a visit. Please contact Sheri Kreider at 207/695-5260 for more information about chaplain services at C.A. Dean.